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Poetry for Pottery People Volume 1

My old website had many of my favourite poems on my "about us page" - I already told you more than I know. This time I will start by posting a Poem attributed to Omar Khayyam and translated by Edward Fitzgerald and sketched by Edmund J. Sullivan and  "Revelation" by Bliss Carman.
REVELATION John in Patmos had a vision, told in the Apocalypse,
Full of dark unsolved enigmas leaving reason in eclipse.
But this common world of beauty is our vision to behold,
As significant, entrancing, and inspired as John's of old.
John interpreted in fable records of the Hidden Mind. Whoso reads the blessed scriptures of the wilderness may find
What God means by night and morning, by the wild bird songs in spring,
Or the mighty dirge of winter when the great pines sway and sing.
Whoso reads the shining legend written in the stony brook By the Author of the granite and the midnight's starry book,
Shall find radiant revelation. Science toils through glimmering night,
Until Wisdom of a sudd…