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New Arrivals - from mother Aurora

Here are pictures from the latest kiln opening and a few examples of putting pieces together (hint for great gift ideas). Aurora has been dancing all over the kiln and the mug rack has  a good selection of uniquely hand fitted mugs to enhance your enjoyment of your favourite beverage. Come early for more choices and avoid the rush. Note: Bamboo Mat in photo background has strings approximately 3 inches or 7.5 cm apart to give you a sense of scale.

Aurora Extremes

Aurora has been resting in a large plastic container and came out today with new and subtly different colours - again. The picture shows the two colour extremes on two almost identical soap pumps.These two pots look the same and were glazed and fired at the same time. I can't explain why the red can show up on one pot and not the other. Today's kiln opening brightened up a very wet dreary day for me. I'll post more pictures of this latest kiln offering and Aurora incarnation on another Blog post since I don't know how to update my Gallery Page yet..