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Aurora Extremes

Aurora has been resting in a large plastic container and came out today with new and subtly different colours - again. The picture shows the two colour extremes on two almost identical soap pumps.These two pots look the same and were glazed and fired at the same time. I can't explain why the red can show up on one pot and not the other. Today's kiln opening brightened up a very wet dreary day for me. I'll post more pictures of this latest kiln offering and Aurora incarnation on another Blog post since I don't know how to update my Gallery Page yet..


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Throwing back Thursday - late (2004 Video)

This video was made in 2004 when I had just begun decorating with "Celtic Knots". I was still using my old Pacifica wheel  back then and using larger loop tools.  Each decoration is unique and reflects years of practice and my present mood and what music may be playing in the studio or my head.

School District 83's Annual Art Fair

School District 83's Annual Art Fair in March was an opportunity for grades 4 to 7 students to work with local  artists and crafters. This year's event saw a lot of fishy clay creations in my booth and proud budding artists. Being held in a busy mall adds to the excitement as adult passerby's admiration gives encouragement to the students . The children were always polite and appreciative and full of surprises making it a pleasure to work with them. Thanks to the other presenters and especially the teachers for their good work and organization.

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