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Kamloops and Kelowna Show pictures

Kelowna Show

Me in Kelowna

R.I.H. Show East

R.I.H. Show West

TVPG Show East

TVPG Show West

Thanks to all you Kamloops and Kelowna Pottery lovers for making the past two weekend
shows a delight. Meeting new customers and serving happy returning ones is most gratifying and encouraging. Your needs and wants (for pottery) is what inspires my work. I quote my first mentor Bernard Leach from his book "The Potter's Challenge".
"If a potter is making utensils for use he is doing two things at the same time : he is making ware that may give pleasure in use, which provides one form of satisfaction to the maker, and he is travelling in the never-ending search for perfection of form, which gives a different gratification.As these two activities come together and the potter is at one with the clay, the pot will have life in it".
Thank you again for your vital role in my pottery making.

RIH east



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